Body Massage

Have a massage in a quiet, warm and friendly atmosphere. Reduce stress, increase relaxation, restore circulation and improve your attitude, cleansing both the body and mind. Massage pricing is located below.

Our two massage specialists have provided links to their personal massage websites.

Massage Room

Lomi Lomi Massage

A healing massage derived from the ancient Polynesians and more specifically the masters of Hawaii.
The Hawaiian philosophy of "Huna", is that everything seeks harmony and love. Converting to a " loving hands" massage. This style is gentle, yet deep with flowing strokes, nurturing the body allowing relaxation. A rhythmic motion , some have described as gentle waves over the body. A deep sense of  harmony  and balance is granted from the therapist to assist in healing of the recipient. 
A massage like no other. 


For those that appreciate a light sweeping touch. Excellent for the mind, invigorates blood flow with a moderate touch.

Deep Tissue

Sometimes our pain goes deeper into our muscles. Pressure is applied to release chronic patterns of tense muscles. This provides relief for deep pain that seems to "stay with you" for long periods of time.


Active muscles need attention. Failure to stretch correctly or getting too physical can trigger sports related injuries or achy muscles. They need attention quick. This can help minimize pain, prevent injuries and facilitate healing's. Beneficial for those with physical jobs or lifestyles.


Reiki means universal life force energy. It is a calm practical healing method to decrease strain, ease pain and cure. Reiki practitioners hold the power to channel through, and energize the various body systems on levels that endorse curing. Reiki helps in relaxing and healing a lot of sickness in individuals. It gives you peace and reduction of stress in your life.Reiki is a unique process, and is not the same as a physically touching massage. Release your physical and mental pains, boost your immune syatem, and channel positve energy from the universe to heal your body and mind, with Reiki.

Lymphatic Massage

Specifically developed for those who have compromised lymphatic systems due to cancer, past surgeries, injuries, or removal of lymph nodes. This massage method is a gentle, hands on technique that keeps fluids moving, removing toxins, allowing nutrients to your cells, and stimulating the immune system.



Rachel Hoppough
To schedule an appointment with Rachel, please call her directly at 919-785-6454
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Kat Swain
To set up an appointment with her, call or text directly at 910-707-9280
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